Interim Cfo Atlanta

Interim Cfo Atlanta

3 Tips For Hiring An Interim CFO In Atlanta

When it comes to the process of hiring an interim CFO, there are a number of reasons why an Atlanta business chooses to do so. If you want to learn more about the interim CFO hiring process in Atlanta and soak up a few tips that are designed to make the hiring process easier, be sure to read on and learn more.

Why Would a Company Hire an Interim CFO?

1. An urgent need to replace a CFO that has been proven to negligent and/or incompetent when it comes to carrying out their job duties. If the CFO or Controller positions within a business have been compromised for any reason, an interim CFO rights the ship and keeps an Atlanta company from experiencing a more serious catastrophe.

2. A pending merger or relocation is about to take place. While these hires are not always urgent, they are executed with an eye towards filling the position as quickly as possible. In these instances, the current CFO is not going to be sticking around to see the move and it is the job of the interim to ensure that things run smoothly until a successor has been named.

3. The company has just been started up and does not yet have a need for a full time CFO. However, even startup businesses will still require expert advice. When a startup needs help with their business plans, human resources issues and financing, the interim CFO is more than happy to help.

4. The current CEO or CFO has let the company about their upcoming departure and several looming challenges still have yet to be tackled. These positions are usually far more urgent and the interim CFO is tasked with ensuing that the aforementioned problems do not get any worse.

3 Tips For Successful Interim CFO Hiring In Atlanta

1. Choose The Person Who Is Overqualified

You do not want to select an interim CFO who does not have the chops to handle the job and in a perfect world, the person who you choose would be overqualified. The interim CFO should someone who does not need their hand held, someone who immediately understands your needs and how to fulfill them. Selecting an interim CFO who has worked for a wide range of companies in the past is typically your best bet.

2. Remain Hands On

When challenges arise in the business world, a lack of proper staffing makes it much more difficult to overcome them. The only way to ensure that these problems do not become overwhelming in the first place is by taking the time to make a proper interim CFO hire. By remaining hands on during the process, you increase the chance of choosing the best candidate possible.

3. Top Notch References

You want a CFO that has worked with reputable organizations and companies in the past and while it may be easy enough to simply take their word for it or trust their resume, you must do the necessary follow up work, so that there is zero confusion. Choosing an interim CFO who has not already handled this role in the past (with the references to prove it) is a major mistake.


Interim Cfo Atlanta

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